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Text Translation Service

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Overview of this Service

This online translation service which has been developed for the various offices and service centers of Payap University as part of our commitment to become truly international. The goal is to provide an effective link between clients requiring translation and editing of the text of document, and the various volunteer translators and editors.

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The system allows clients to upload work to be translated or edited to a work queue from which volunteers can select and process. Editors help to provide a form of quality assurance of this service. In this way, this service provide an effective bridge between Thai and English speakers within the Payap University community. You are invited to [sign up][click here to login].

This webservice is the product of a joint project between 2 offices at Payap University, namely the Office of Internationalization and the Office of Information Technology and Educational Innovation. This service was designed to be extended to other pairs of languages as the need and resource persons arise. You are welcome to provide comments and suggestions by submitting feedback form associated with this service or by directly contacting the respective directors of the offices that developed this service.